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Welcome to KidsMeds Pharmacy, a pediatric pharmacy specializing in children's medications. We can flavor most liquid medications, making them easier for kids to take. Let our staff work with you and your pediatrician to help take the pain out of getting your child the medicine they need.

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Does your child suffer from frequent ear infection?

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KidsMeds Pharmacy Services

Tasty fruit flavoring for liquid medications Customized creams for stubborn diaper rash
Specialized reflux medications for infants Gels for motion sickness
Liquid formulations for infants and children GummiBear vitamins and prescription medications
Pet meds compounded and flavored Kid friendly Medical jewelry
Hard-to-find pediatric formulations ADD/ADHD prescription pick up
Alcohol,sugar or dye free medications made to order Rapid dissolve tables (RDT)

Health Professionals

Does a medicine ever have a chance of working properly if the patient never takes it? Of course not! This is why at KidsMeds Pharmacy we are compliance focused.

We add flavors based on the specific medication and what works best without losing any of the potency of the drug. It is important to review the chemistry of drugs so nothing is added that may alter the medication’s effectiveness. For example, some medications for reflux have to have an alkaline base, if the pH is too low you risk losing drug stability and potency.

Not every medication is going to work with every flavor. Our staff is familiar with which medications flavor well and which ones are more difficult to disguise. We can mask bitter tastes and enhance sweet tastes. We have over 40 kid-tested flavors and 17 pet friendly flavors to work with.

We not only flavor medications, we compound medicated suppositories (NSAIDS, antibiotics, etc), liquid meds, topical medications (antidepressants, NSAIDS, antihistamines, etc.), rapid dissolve tablets (RDT) and some medications can even be made into a chewable gummi bear (ADHD meeds, antidepressants, etc.)

The art of compounding allows physicians the flexibility in the choice of drug and dosage form and truly customizes the medication to the patient. For those patients that can’t or won’t swallow medications we can compound suppositories, lollipops, chewable gummy bears, topical medications, liquid preparation (suspensions, solutions) and RDT. Every care is taken to be sure that high temperatures required for the preparations of some of these dosage forms do not exceed the medication’s degradation point. Our staff reviews the formulation to ensure stability and efficacy of our products.

We can compound a variety of patient-specific dental compounds, including mouth rinses, gels, pastes, lip balms, and sugar-free anesthetic, anti-gag, or fluoride candies. Other dental products we can prepare include powdered mucosal bandages, desensitizing gels, and irrigation solutions to aid in maximizing your patients’ oral health.

Each compounded prescription is created to your specifications to meet your patient’s unique needs. Call us today for tailor made medications! 205-824-0775

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"Little People Need KidsMeds!"

~KidsMeds Pharmacy

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